Two brothers and a trip to the Himalayas turns into an enlightenment that brings a plethora of healthy and 100% natural products to India.

PureHind is the idea of two brothers who decided to explore the Himalayas and eventually bring health and nature to people’s hands, while helping the farmers receive the value for their hard work.

Our market is conditioned by attraction towards low prices over pure quality. Purity has always been PureHind’s foundation to bring forward authentic and genuine products. We intend to eliminate foreign products and generate opportunities for the farmers and help them expand their reach across the nation.

There’s something special about nature – it’s always unadulterated and non-toxic, and so should be our products.

After putting in a lot of thought we decided to establish a brand which offers natural products that are produced within India and are a 100% pure.

Giving birth to “PureHind”.

We introduce many variants of naturally extracted products like Honey, Ghee, Salt and Spices.

Why Pure Hind?

  • 100 % Natural. 100% Hindustani
  • Helps the Indian Farmers
  • Delicious
  • A treat for health cautious minds
  • Curated with love.
  • Represents the Indian Culture