A tasty question, buying Indian pickles online or offline?

The original love is eating grandma’s pickle. There’s nothing better or more soul-satisfying than eating pickles handmade by your grandma, and are full of delicious flavours, spices, nutrients and most important of all – love. Every one of us has spent our childhood enjoying and loving our grandma’s pickles and love relishing on these flavourful treats even today. India, being the land of spices and desi food pickles have a special place in our hearts and are the best companion for our every meal.

Benefits of pickles

Pickles are an ancient Indian food, made using almost any vegetable. Pickles are not just a delectable preparation, but also have plenty of health benefits along with the mouth-watering and savouring flavours. Pickles are, loaded with gut health-promoting probiotics, Vitamin B, fibre and many other nutrients that promote your good health.

Pickles are an easy way of consuming vegetables. And even though the pickling process changes their nutritional profile a little, they’re still vegetables, and their original fat-soluble vitamins remain preserved even after the processing. Pickles contain a lot of natural, radical fighting and immune-boosting antioxidants. Pickle juice is, very helpful in soothing muscle soreness and cramps and treating restless legs. The vinegar present in the pickles helps keep blood sugar levels in control and is beneficial for people who have diabetes. Undoubtedly pickles contain high amounts of sodium, but they also, hold shedload of healthful nutrients and help keep your body healthy and fit when prepared with healthy, pure and natural ingredients.


Online shopping – The new trend

Over the last few years, online shopping has become very popular in Indian households. From clothes to electronics and from footwear to groceries, you can buy everything easily and quickly from the online shopping sites at just a few clicks. Gone are the days, when offline shopping or going to the market just for buying a few items were a thing. With the changing times, online shopping has largely taken over the place of traditional or offline shopping.

Online shopping sites offer an expansive range and variety of different products produced by different brands all on the same platform. That makes it a much better, convenient, efficient and time-saving choice than the typical offline shopping any day.

Buying Indian pickles online or offline

Online and offline shopping sites both have their own pros and cons. But online shopping has a cutting edge over the offline one because of its easy accessibility and user-friendliness. Many a time, you may face some difficulties while shopping offline. When you purchase pickles from the market, you may not get a particular flavour, brand or quantity that you want. Whereas, any brand or flavour of your choice, which you can get from the market would almost always be available on one or the other sites. Plus you can also get many more delicious flavours which are not available offline as well.

Buying Indian pickles online is more trouble-free as you can purchase at any time, and from any place comfortable and convenient for you. You can easily compare prices, quality, quantity, ingredients and other details on various different sites and make a wise decision about your purchase without having to leave the comfort of your home. Also, purchasing pickles online comes in handy as anyone from your mom to your grandma can get their hands on it effortlessly.

Why are purehind pickles a good choice?

Purehind pickles are a healthy choice to add in your diet and life due to their natural, pure and flavourful ingredients, sourced from their native states. The entire range of pickles is a fusion of deliciousness and purity that comes with the natural fruits and vegetables used in preparing them. And the best part about the pickles offered by purehind is that they are available in various scrumptious flavours that will fill your life with the goodness of healthy eating.

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