Buy pure ghee online in India – the desi companion to your homemade food

From the traditional Indian kitchens, ghee has now become a part of every kitchen in the world. Whether you layer your chapatis with it, pour it over a bowl of dal or top your favourite parathas with it, pure desi ghee never fails to make you fall in love with your food. Pure desi ghee brings an irresistible and unmatchable aroma, flavour and tangs to every meal you add it in.

What is ghee, and how is it prepared?

Ghee is typically and largely, used in Asian cooking. It is a form of highly-clarified butter, and the masses prefer using ghee instead of butter as it is a much healthier option because of the difference between their milk protein levels. Ghee is prepared, by melting butter made with the cow milk for a long time and it’s the reason behind the strong, and nutty flavour of ghee. 

Preparing ghee is a simple and easy process. Butter gets melted slowly, and once melted, the milk solids floating on the surface of the butter, are removed, leaving a clear liquid at the bottom known as clarified butter. And after cooking for some more time, the butter will turn brown and impart the taste and colour of ghee in the liquid. 

Health benefits of ghee

Pure ghee is a golden blessing to your food and life. Ghee not just gives your food a classic and delicious taste, but also benefits your body as a whole. Ghee is low in fats and contains healthy fats comparatively and adds good cholesterol to your body. Ghee is considered gut-friendly since ancient times, and that is why our ancestors used to consume a spoonful of ghee every day.

Ghee is, a great source of essential nutrients that keep your liver healthy. It is also rich in butyric acid, which helps in fighting diseases. For lactose-intolerant people, ghee is a wonderful choice compared to butter and other dairy products because of its low milk content. Ghee has a very high smoke point which makes it a lot better alternative for cooking and frying. And lastly, ghee is a great ingredient to keep your bones healthy, has unbelievable healing properties and is skin-friendly.

Nutritional value of ghee

Given below is the nutritional value of ghee for 1tbsp:

1. Calories: 112

2. Fats: 25.5 gm

3. Carbohydrate: 0 mg

4. Cholesterol: 38.4 mg

5. Vitamins: 10% of the daily intake of vitamins 

Buying pure ghee online in India 

Online grocery shopping has become a new trend in every Indian house. Easy and cheaper internet accessibility and user-friendliness of mobile phones nowadays have contributed positively to this trend, and in the coming years will continue to reach new heights. 

People are increasingly becoming more and more aware of different brands, sizes and multiple options available online that they can choose one from. While buying ghee online, you need to pay attention to certain things. You should, always consider comparing different brands on different shopping sites based on the quality, purity, price, quantity, packaging and other important information about the ghee that they are offering. 

As ghee is a clarified liquid and has zero water content in it, is an expensive product with price range lying between 500 to 2500 Rs per Kg. It is necessary to read all the labels on the packaging that contains information about the nutritional value, purity etc. Of the ghee as it will help you in making a wise decision.

Why choose Purehind’s A2 Bilona desi ghee?

Numerous reasons make Purehind’s desi ghee, a better, healthier and wiser choice than the other brands available in the market. Purehind’s desi ghee is prepared, using fresh, nutritional and pure A2 milk of Sahiwal cow, processed by the traditional hand bilona process in handmade vessels. It is incredibly healthy, easy to digest and truly amazing for your body and taste buds altogether.

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