Common Myths About Pickles

Common Myths About Pickles

Pickles complement our every meal and are the most delicious another half you can ever get. Whether you consume it as a side dish or as the main course, it brings the most mouth-watering flavours to your food. 

Pickles are one of the most consumed food product in India. On average, every Indian family consumes 2kgs of pickle every year. There are numerous varieties of pickles available in the market which are prepared using more or less the same method. Pickles are preparation of fresh fruits and vegetables mixed with spices, herbs, oil and some other ingredients. The process of preserving fruits and vegetables using salt and spices is known as pickling.

Pickles are usually low in calories and contain small amounts of nutrients which make them a healthy choice. Using fresh fruits or vegetables gives the most natural flavour to the pickle. The reason PureHind pickles are a healthy choice is that it contains all the ingredients in their natural and pure form. Pickles are also a great option to preserve the nutrients present in mango, amla, lemon etc. which are few of the many varieties of pickles offered by PureHind. 

Nutritional Value of pickles:

The nutritional value of each pickle depends upon the ingredients used in it. Here, we have the nutritional value present in 1tbsp. (20 g) of mango pickle:

  1. Calories: 80
  2. Fats: 5g
  3. Carbohydrates: 7g
  4. Protein: 1g

Over the years, people have had this notion that pickles are not healthy and can be very harmful to their body due to the ingredients used in it. But pickles can be a healthy choice if they are prepared using pure, healthy and natural ingredients. 

Thus, we’re here to burst this bubble and tell you about some common myths about pickles that everyone has:

Pickles are full of salt and oil:

It’s believed that too much salt and oil in pickles can have a lot of side effects on your body. But, one of the ways pickles benefit you is because of the presence of gut-friendly bacteria in it which grows only due to salt and oil. Also, you can always try pickles with less salt and oil.

Salt in the pickle can cause diseases like blood pressure:

Majority of people think that excessive consumption of salt is the only cause for blood pressure. But, the truth is that several other reasons such as unhealthy and packaged food, zero physical exercise and irregular sleep cycle are some major reasons for blood pressure. Pickles are high in electrolytes due to the high amount of salt in them and can be helpful for people who have lost electrolytes due to dehydration.

Oil is bad for heart health:

A lot of people consider pickles not good as it may be the reason for heart problems due to a large amount of oil in them. But again, heart-related problems are caused usually because of lack of physical exercise and unhealthy food habits and consumption. Whereas, the oil helps to seal off the oxygen supply that results in good bacteria multiplication. Also, avoid commercially produced pickles with refined oils and go for pickles made with cold-pressed oils or oils that are good for health.

Vinegar is harmful to health:

Vinegar is believed to have harmful effects on our health. But, vinegar-based pickles reduce blood sugar level and improve blood haemoglobin in patients that have diabetes. The acetic acid present in vinegar directly helps to control blood sugar levels. 

Pickles are not healthy in general:

People have this impression that pickles are just not healthy to consume. The truth is that pickles have antioxidants, essential minerals, vitamins and healthy bacteria in them which have a lot of health benefits. Pickles help in strengthening the bones and immune system and can also help to cure anaemia. Pregnant women can also consume pickle to get relief from nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. Pickle juice is an amazing remedy for curing muscular cramps.

Why choose PureHind Himalayan Pickles?

Pickles are healthy and good to consume if they are made up of natural ingredients. PureHind Himalayan Pickles can help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle as the entire range of pickles is made using only natural and pure ingredients along with fresh fruits and vegetables. And, the best part is they come in a variety of mouth-watering and delicious flavours, with the goodness of pure and healthy. 


However, you need to keep in mind to consume pickle in a limited amount, especially if you consume it daily. Even though pickles have numerous health benefits, consuming them in large quantity can be harmful and may affect your health. 

So, if you want to get health benefits of pickles along with its sweet and tangy flavours, make sure to eat pickles made with healthy and natural ingredients.