Buy honey online in India – A treat for your body

Once you taste the pure and sweet honey, you want more of that. Honey is a tasty and magical ingredient in all its forms.

Honey and its benefits

Honey has been used as both a food and medicine for a long time. A naturally sweet liquid made by honeybees using nectar from the flowers. The sweetness and flavour of the honey depends upon the type of flowers and nectar used.

Honey is available and sold in both raw and pasteurized forms. The raw honey is collected from the beehives and bottled directly and is said to be a highly effective remedy for allergies. Whereas, pasteurized honey is heated and processed after being collected from the hive to remove impurities. Honey contains fructose, glucose and sugar in high quantities, making it naturally sweet, and a great alternative to the refined sugar.

Honey is like your family doctor, one you can always keep in your home. Honey, is a much safer option for healing burns than other antibiotics which may have serious side effects. Honey promotes increased potassium which is helpful for a person suffering from diarrhoea. It is the perfect and nutritional substitute to added sugar in your diet that can cause various life-threatening diseases. Honey is also a perfect remedy for fighting against different infections, and common cough and cold.

Honey has it all, from antiseptic and antibacterial properties to wound healing and medicinal properties. Whether you add it to your morning detox drink or consume it raw, add it into your traditional sweet dishes or apply it to your skin, it’s one ingredient that never fails to impress you with its miraculous benefits.

Nutritional value of honey:

The nutritional value present in 1tbsp(21 gm) of honey is:

  1. Calories: 64
  2. Carbohydrates: 17gm
  3. Sugar: 16gm
  4. Fiber: 0gm
  5. Fats: 0gm
  6. Protein: 0gm

Shopping honey from online stores in India

Online shopping, has become a constant blessing in our lives, especially in the hustle and bustle of the present times. Online shopping is not just convenient and time-saving, but can also save a great deal of money and present you with a variety of options for a single product on the same platform. Online grocery shopping has become one of the most important as well, an essential part of Indian households. Whether it’s buying fresh fruits and vegetables or food products like honey, there are plenty of online shopping sites in India you can choose.

Honey has innumerable benefits for your body. But whether the honey you consume will help you protect your health or not would depend on its quality. Many online shopping stores in India sell honey, but not all of these offer honey that is of high quality and pure with no preservatives added. Thus, while shopping for honey from online stores, you need to be sure about the quality, purity, nutritional value, etc. being offered on the particular site and compare it with other options before making the final purchase.

There are a lot of things one should look for while buying honey from online stores. Along with quality and purity, availability of a variety of flavours is an added bonus. You must always read all the labels on the packaging that contains information about the nutritional value present in the honey, the number of ingredients used, price of the honey, etc. along with many other things.

Why choose PureHind Honey?

PureHind is a brand that is all about pure, healthy, natural and high-quality products. Purehind offers honey that is 100% pure, naturally produced and free from adulteration and preservatives. The brand offers four mouth-watering and scrumptious flavours – Jujubee, Ajwain, Sheesham and Mustard. The ingredients used in producing all these flavours are procured naturally and are completely healthy, pure and of the best quality. Purehind offers a perfect and desirable balance between tasty and healthy and is the ultimate way to embark on the journey of healthy and happy eating.


Consuming honey, only of the best quality and cent per cent pure will help you and your body fight against anything and everything. And, even though honey is power-packed with health benefits, it’s still a sweetener and should be consumed in a limited quantity.

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