Why Desi Cow Ghee is a must for a Healthy Life

Wonder why our Indian lineage has been robust despite enduring a much physically taxing lifestyle than we do today? Believe it or not, the answer is – Pure Desi Cow Ghee!

For decades together, Ghee has been a staple with every meal in every household, the newer fad of chucking out fattening foods out of our diet, the health benefits that Ghee provides are being overlooked.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is a sub-category of clarified butter originating from India. Health experts have now necessitated the benefits of Ghee, as a result of which it is now being used as a healthier alternative to butter and oil worldwide.

Why is Ghee a better choice?

Production process- the preparation of Ghee inherently makes it pure and unadulterated, as opposed to butter that we get, which is highly processed. The Ghee making  process has mainly three steps:

  1. Boiling the milk,
  2. Making the yogurt by churning,
  3. Separating it from the cultured butter.

Myth busters about Ghee:

False presumption: Consuming Ghee will attribute to weight gain

Fact: Ghee has naturally occurring healthy fats, which are not only essential for our body, but the absence of them can result in other functions not working smoothly. Instead, Ghee speeds up metabolic activities in the body, which can help in weight loss.

False presumption: Ghee triggers lactose-intolerance

Fact: Ghee has absolutely nothing to do with lactose intolerance. A  lactose intolerant person is the one who cannot break down lactose, which is high in milk and yogurt. However, ghee is entirely independent of this.

False presumption: Ghee is harder to digest

Fact: Ayurveda deems Ghee to be highly beneficial for digestion. In simple terms, ghee consumption can be lubricating for the process of when food is broken down in the stomach, protecting the inner layer of the stomach.

Here are a few key benefits of including Ghee in your diet:

Ghee is naturally high in omega-3 and vitamin D, meaning it boosts the immune system, keeping you upbeat and fit.

–        Highly rich in antioxidants, acting as a lubricant for joints and bones.

–        In Ayurveda, Desi cow ghee is also commonly known as an effective remedy for daily grievances like a blocked nose due to a cold.

–        Ghee also has versatile ways of consumption. It is not just nutritious to consume during meals but also as a remedy for chapped lips or dry skin to boost moisture.

Ghee has natural, unprocessed fats, making it a much healthier alternative. Ghee being a natural supplement to healthy hair and supple skin are additional bonus points to Ghee! Thus, it should be something we consume daily, as it is suited best to the environment we’ve lived in and grown up in, which means optimum benefits!

Why choose pure desi cow ghee from PureHind?


All the goodness of desi cow ghee can be truly relished when the entire production is wholesome and pure. PureHind stands by its authenticity of production and closely caters to every step of the process, right from procuring milk from Sahiwal cows to reaching your doorstep. PureHind’s desi cow ghee derived from high-quality milk of rarest breeds of Indian native cows has all the wholesome goodness, right from taste to culture, thus owing to its roots!

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