Why is my Ghee Sometimes Liquid, Semi Liquid and solid?

Why is my Ghee Sometimes Liquid, Semi Liquid and solid? What’s the difference?

Ghee contains many fatty acids with different melting points. Ghee Purchased on the Internet may not have the same homogeneous and smooth texture of store-bought ghee. It is due to the melting and crystallization of the fats depending on the weather conditions during transit. This does impact the texture, but there is no other effect on the taste, quality and shelf-life of the ghee.

Ghee is primarily used either as cooking fat or as a spread on warm foods. In both of these cases, this grainy, runny or separated texture disappears in a matter of seconds.

Your ghee can be melted, gritty, grainy, smooth or solid. These are all normal textures of traditionally made Bilona Ghee.

For Example, Someone who has never seen Crystallization of Honey in the winter may consider it as a product defect. Upon Further Investigation we will find that it is perfectly normal.

When I bought Ghee, it was liquid, but over time, it turned solid, why?

Ghee Changes it state very fast overnight depending upon the room temperature.

When the ghee was produced, the production time and transit weather must be higher. But when it sit’s at your room temperature, it will change its state as temperature comes down. Its perfectly normal.

Why is my Ghee half liquid, half solid?

Ghee contains Granules which are heavier than liquid Ghee. As the Ghee sits and settles over time, the granules will subside at bottom. Its very natural process.

Pure Ghee does not Solidify. Does it?

Ghee solidifies in winters and even in summers it solidifies over time if the ghee is put on a counter with low room temperature. If it does not solidify in winters, then its not pure ghee.

It is perfectly normal for ghee to be liquid, solid or a combination of consistencies. All of these factors depend on the rate of cooling and the temperature outside the jar.

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