Ajwain Honey 1 Kg


Collected from the state famous for its Ajwain, we collect this honey from Rajasthan and bring them to you untouched and without any processing. A very unique and rare combination of honey.


Adhering to the strict protocols of offering pure things to our customers, we at Pure Hind have brought you the Ajwain Honey. Created from nature without the use of any preservatives, makes these products are a great choice. We comprehend the greatness of Ajwain Honey and hence we strive to preserve its natural taste and greatness to make it edible. 

Our Ajwain Honey Is: 

  • Manufactured in the homemade procedure
  • Created with utmost love
  • Packed to Ensure the honey retains its positivities
  • No inclusion of preservatives
  • 100% natural Homemade honey

If you would like to taste the freshness and the real greatness of ajwain honey on your health then taste our product today. Buy a pack of Ajwain Honey and enjoy the taste.


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