Himalayan Amla Pickle 500 gm


Our Amla Pickle is a tasty treat for your tongue. With Amla, sounf and chilli being some of the many taste boosters.


Pickles have a great range of customers. Being in India, we Indians crave something sweet and sour on our tongues. Therefore the Himalayan Amla Pickle included in our stock can offer you the chance to taste the freshness. We get raw materials from the mountains of Uttarakhand and avail the homemade process to ensure that you taste nature’s richness. 

Our Himalayan Amla Pickle Is: 

  • 100% Natural
  • Do not Use Any Preservatives
  • Prepared in a homemade manner
  • Full of flavors
  • Complete Quality Checked

When it comes to enjoying the flavors of the amla pickle while enjoying the richness of amla, PureHind is the best choice. With some of the best quality raw material and no addition of preservatives, we make sure that our customers keep enjoying the pickles throughout.


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