Himalayan Mango Pickle 500 gm


Made from naturally grown crops of the Uttarakhand mountains, our Mango pickle retains all the nutritions and delivers a tangy, tasty and chatpata pickle that will tingle your tastebuds.


Mango pickle is one of the most patented and common pickles chosen by most people. Since we understand the needs of the people, along with we are concerned about its freshness, we have come up with the Himalayan Mango Pickle for you. Created with utmost care and manufactured with the homemade process, we make sure that you enjoy it. 

Our Himalayan mango Pickle Is: 

  • 100% Pure 
  • No added preservatives
  • To additional flavors
  • Fully homemade process
  • Guaranteed quality

If you wish to enjoy quality Himalayan mango pickle, you can make sure that you will enjoy the freshness and its quality, So, without any doubt, place your order and keep enjoying the taste.


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