Red Chilli Powder 150gm


They’re a super seasoning. You can sprinkle them over anything you’d like for a nice pop of heat and flavour. Unlike the sachets that come free with your pizza, lack heat and crunch, our Chill flakes are spicy adding the extra edge.

These are sun-dried by us and then hand-pounded to the right consistency.

Don’t go by the simplicity of Red Chili Flakes for they release exhilarating pops of spiciness into your dishes. Sourced from the splendid fields of Andhra Pradesh, Orika offers the finest varieties of Chili flaked perfectly for you to use as a fiery topping on pizzas, pastas or any other recipes that demand a kick of hotness to shine!


Nutritional Facts

Energy 274.44 Kcal

Carbohydrate 50.91 g

Protein 14.88 g

Fat 1.92 g


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